The Ling Space is an education project whose mission is to help make linguistics more accessible and fun, by making videos and blog posts and other such Internet stuff. Our aim is to bring out the science and get people excited about this complex, fascinating system they use all the time. Because language is awesome.

Here's our team!

Moti Lieberman: A linguist, Japanophile, inveterate reader, and Nerdfighter. I worked in linguistics labs from my time as an undergrad, first at University of Maryland, and then as a graduate student at McGill University. I've taught a number of classes at McGill, and also spent a year as a faculty lecturer at Concordia University in Montreal. I've done a bunch of research on second language acquisition, from phonetics to semantics and pragmatics. I also watch a ton of educational YouTube videos, which is how this whole project got started.

Adèle-Elise Prévost: I direct the videos, co-write and edit scripts, and do a bunch of other man-behind-the-curtain stuff! I met Moti when we were grad students at McGill, where my MA thesis was about using neurolinguistic techniques to look at second language acquisition of English. Besides Montréal, I've lived in Japan and California, which were all fantastic. I'm a speculative fiction author, and I also love event planning, traveling, roleplaying games, and decreasing world suck.

atelierMUSE: We're the graphics team for the Ling Space! We're a two-person team, KrisRix and Simon Gannon. Both of us have our own styles, and when we work together and add a little polish, things can really shine. Which you can see on the channel! As an art-duo, we often take very different jobs, which is how we got into this without knowing much about linguistics. But we're definitely learning a lot!

Stephan Hurtubise: I took my time settling on linguistics, weaving a path through the other cognitive sciences (psychology, philosophy, etc.); eventually, I ended up with an MA from McGill, which is where I met Moti and Adèle! I've dabbled in tutoring, proofreading, branding, and gaming. For the Ling Space, I'll write a Tumblr post here, a script there — basically occupying whatever nooks and crannies I can find. When I'm not thinking about syntax and semantics, I'm a practicing scientific skeptic, screen junkie, and all-around geek.